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Angel/Oracle Cards are an insightful tool for receiving clear answers in your questions of life, and support and guidance on your path. With a variety of different decks and spreads, I can respond to your needs and specific situations. The cards help discovering possible blockages which keep you from moving on and the challenges you might need to face. During a session I provide a safe space in which you can open up to the healing and gentle energy of the Angels. Let me support you in discovering your talents and strengths which help you living the joyful and fulfilling life that you deserve so much.




During Animal Communication, I serve as mediator between you and your pets. By telepathically connecting to the animal, I gain insights about its state and needs. I am here to answer your questions about your fur baby in order to improve your understanding of each other. My goal is to achieve a harmonious and healthy relationship between you and your pet. Animal Communication also helps to get to the bottom of disagreeable habits, such as constant barking or spraying. I will support you in seeing what your pet is reflecting to you because they also serve us as a beautiful mirror to our life.



I feel it's a very important time for us to consider wisely how we want to spend our time and do what is really lifting us up: I love giving READINGS and doing ANIMAL COMMUNICATIONS!


And because certain circumstances provide more time for us at home now, I would love to offer you the opportunity to also make the most of this situation: no matter if it's finding the way back into your balance, gaining clarity and understanding for your fur angel's behaviour, or receiving guidance and direction for your life: I AM HERE FOR YOU !


60min Reading EUR 40,- (instead of EUR 60,-)
90min Reading EUR 60,- (instead of EUR 80,-)
120min Reading EUR 80,- (instead of EUR 100,-)

🐾 Animal Communication EUR 70,- / plus a second one or a 60 min. Reading for free
🐾 Animal Communication + energy-circle EUR 85,- / plus a second one or a 90 min. Reading for free


Readings online via Skype or Messenger. 

Animal Communication offer can be used for the same pet (after a period of time up to your choice) or another pet. Of Course you can also share this offer with a friend.


When my above offer has awakened your interest and appeals to you, I would be happy to connect with you and support you. Use this opportunity and book your session with me.
For any questions please do not hesitate to contact me here or send a message to: contact@angel-touch.at



 Karin Bruère

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