Become a Certified Animal Communicator and learn how you can not only understand your own fur babies, but offer your help to people who seek support, clarity and a richer connection to their pets.

Come with me on an exciting journey through the fascinating world of telepathic Animal Communication. The travel time will be six months, and in order for me to provide intense personal care to each "passenger" on board, space will be limited.


The course consists of three modules and you will receive a detailed manual for each one. There will be four live group training sessions for each module, meeting online every two weeks. As an additional bonus, I offer you one private coaching session for each module for a total of three private sessions throughout the course. In these sessions we can work more intensively to develop your skills and remove any blockages that may be in your way. Throughout this entire journey I will be supporting you and guiding you every step of the way to make sure that this becomes a successful and unforgettable experience for you.


I look forward to being your personal travel guide on this adventure!

This is me, your "Travel Guide":


My name is Karin, I am 51 years old and live in Vienna, Austria. Since more than ten years I have been working as telepathic Animal Communicator and energy practitioner / Reiki healer for humans & animals. 


Already in my early childhood I felt this deep connection to animals. I could understand them as if they were talking to me – just like humans do, only clearer ;-). For me it was the most natural thing in the world – and today I know that indeed it is.


My caring heart and great love for the animal realm inspired me in 2003 to become a Reiki healer for animals and get certified as an Animal Communicator and energy practitioner, as well as a holistic coach for cats and dogs. Ever since that time I have been offering my services and support to pet owners who are seeking a richer connection to their fur babies and a deeper understanding for their needs and desires.

Start: January 19, 2025

  • What is Animal Communication and why it is possible
  • Telepathy: how it works and how you can train yourself to use it
  • Benefits and goals of Animal Communication
  • Developing your clair senses
  • Basic rules of Animal Communication
  • Practising Animal Communication (connecting - disconnecting)

Group sessions (8pm CET):

  • January 19, 2025
  • February 2, 2025
  • February 16, 2025
  • March 2, 2025

Start: March 16, 2025

  • Revealing and removing limiting beliefs and dogmas
  • 3 levels of receiving information
  • How to become a mediator between pet and human
  • How to set up the written protocol
  • Animals as mirrors and teachers
  • Practising Animal Communication (more complex questions)


Group sessions (8pm CET):

  • March 16, 2025
  • March 30, 2025
  • April 13, 2025
  • April 27, 2025

Start: May 11, 2025

  • Communicating with lost pets and pets in panic
  • Dealing with difficult topics
  • Communications with your own pets
  • "The Rainbow Bridge": guiding pets to the other side
  • Soul level communications with pets in heaven
  • Meditations and rituals with pets


Group sessions (8pm CET):

  • May 11, 2025
  • May 25, 2025
  • June 8, 2025
  • June 22, 2025

Over the years teaching Animal Communication I have noticed that the needs of my students differ. Some just wish to learn how to communicate with their own pet. But more and more discover their desire to become a professional Animal Communicator and require some start-up support for their new career.  In order to adapt the course content to your personal requirements I have created these three models:




- Course manual
- 12 x 90min. group sessions

- Meditations

- Confirmation of participation








- Course manual
- 12 x 90min. group sessions
- 3 x 60min. private sessions

- 12 individual homeworks

- Meditations

- Certificate 






- Course manual
- 12 x 90min. group sessions
- 3 x 60min. private sessions

- 3 x 60min. business coachings

- 12 individual homeworks

- 1 month post course support

- Meditations

- Certificate

Group sessions are held on Sundays (every two weeks) from 8pm - 9:30pm CET

Private sessions by arrangement

All sessions (group and private) held via Zoom including recording


If you want to learn already more about Animal Communication - especially the animals' roles as mirrors in our life - then let me take you on a little journey here:


Karin is a such an amazing teacher. She has all the qualities that make someone an exceptional educator ~ insight, knowledge, patience, the ability to explain things clearly, compassion and love. In addition, she has the unique talent of being able to teach others to access their own intuitive and psychic powers. Her Animal Communication Course has made a huge difference in my life and has given me the tools and the confidence to not only tune into my intuition, but to trust the messages that come through as well. I will be forever grateful to her for her gifts of time, encouragement and love that have carried me into this whole new world. Much love and many blessings to you, Beautiful Karin. ❤️❤️✨❤️❤️


 Leetah MelaLeetah Stackhouse

I have taken the animal communication training course with Karin and it is a truly fabulous training course ❤️. Karin is such an amazing teacher. I’ve learnt so much from her and she truly offers above and beyond in her course - from the amazing manuals, to the group coaching calls and even one to one private sessions! She is enthusiastic and encouraging with all of her students and she’s most definitely helped me to build on my confidence and deepen & strengthen my communications and my own trust in them ! I would highly recommend this course to anyone who loves animals, works with them or wants to work with them! You can continue the training all the way through to certified level to equip you with the skills and knowledge to become a professional animal communicator. Karin has years of experience in running her own successful business offering this, and she is a wonderful guide to help you get started doing this in your own journey! Even if you feel you would just like to know more about animal communication, I would highly recommend starting the beginners level - I’ve no doubt you’ll end up going all the way through to certified! Thank you Karin for this amazing course! ❤️


Rachael Hand

I have had the pleasure of participating in the Animal communication course in English. I can highly recommend it ❤️❤️! It has been an amazing journey into the world of animals which has opened my eyes for communication at a whole other level. Karin makes it easy with the manuals and guidance and once you have started you will not be able to stop again ❤️.

If you want to understand and communicate better with the animals - this is the course for you ❤️❤️.


Kristina Brenk

Karin of Angel Touch is a wonderful soul and a wonderful teacher of Animal Communication. I spent 6 months training with Karin. She is a warm, loving and insightful teacher. I felt so comfortable with Karin even when reaching vulnerable moments where I doubted myself or my abilities, Karin was there to bring truth and love to the situation. I have not only experienced a lovely teacher, I feel as though I have made a life-long friend. Thank you Karin, for opening your heart to so many! Kyle Gray says, "To teach is to learn". I am so grateful that we could work together on our journeys Karin! Thank you!


Beth Stuart Denenny

I’ve had an amazing 5 months learning animal communication with Karin. She’s led and supported us fully through the journey and equipped us with so many tools to help us communicate with animals here and in spirit. I really do recommend the course!


Caz Gaskin

I am highly recommending the Certified Animal Communicator Course. I did the English one. Karin is such a personal and great teacher. She gets my highest recommendation ❤️!


Hanne Mogensen

Karin is very caring and does really everything to be there for her fellow human beings and the animals. Therefore I signed up immediately when Karin started her Animal Communication course. And what a knowledge Karin also gave here: a very educational course where each lesson ends with reading several animals. Karin is a very skilled animal communicator and teacher and a caring person who supports you throughout the course where you feel safe and are both, seen and heard. My warmest recommendations to Karin


Lone Malouna Free Jensen


I was taking this course, as well. This course is amazing to improve the telepathic skills and to be able to communicate with all kinds of animals. It has definitely been an awesome experience. Karin makes this course so enjoyable and so easy to learn ❤️.


Regina Antos 

 Karin Bruère

+43 (0)660 230 8080