rock your life

The Miracle Workshop

Manifest the life you desire, not the life you fear!

If you could be whoever you wish to be... if there were no boundaries, no limitations and nobody to tell you that your dreams are impossible and out of reach... if all paths were available to you and all doors stood open:

who would you wish to be?

From Daydreamer to Rock Angel:


My name is Karin Bruère and I was born in Vienna - the beautiful capital of Austria - in 1972. Growing up with two older brothers and our family dog Feli, I seemed to have arrived in a beautiful world here on earth. But my start into this life wasn't the easiest one. At the age of six I started suffering from panic attacks and was seeing a doctor who taught me to use autogenic training - a technique to achieve relaxation through self-hypnosis. At that young age I did not have any idea that this experience would later create the foundation for my ability to manifest miracles.


As a highly sensitive child the escape into a dream world seemed to be my only chance of survival, and daydreams have become my best friend. This too, created my training ground for the power of creation.


But the turning point in my life happened in May 1995 when I was introduced to a program called "Dynamic Mind Power". This was the real start of an amazing journey through the world of manifestation. From that time on I continuously integrated the tools I had learnt into my life and kept learning and working with them over the following two years... until in 1997 one of my biggest childhood dream became reality and I was playing "Summer of 69" on stage with Bryan Adams. From that moment on the miracles started to float into my life, and with each one manifested my belief in them grew deeper and stronger. 

In my ROCK YOUR LIFE - The Miracle Workshop I will share with you all of my tranformational secrets, the steps I took, the challenges I faced and how I managed to overcome them. You will learn how you can reprogram your subconscious mind in order to attract the things you desire, instead of the things you fear. My mission is to inspire and motivate you with the miracles I have invited into my own life and take you on a journey into YOUR very own personal world of manifestation and miracles.

Together we will be working on:

  • Distinguishing the voice of the ego from the voice of your heart
  • Remembering your soul mission and stepping into your power
  • Defining your dreams and goals
  • Revealing and removing limiting beliefs and dogmas
  • Creating the most effective power-affirmations and visualizations
  • Healing the inner child
  • Releasing blockages through forgiveness using the ancient Hawaiian teachings of Ho'oponopono
  • Surrendering and letting go


What to expect during this course:

  • Six 90-minute group sessions via Zoom
  • One 60-minute private Power Coaching Session via Zoom
  • Detailed training manual
  • Meditations

All sessions are recorded and will be made available via my website.


ROCK YOUR LIFE - The Miracle Workshop

Start: January 22, 2022

Price for this transformational journey

with me by your side:


EUR 247,-

 Karin Bruère

+43 (0)660 230 8080