There are many beautiful ways in how we can support the natural self-healing powers of our furry companions. A variety of techniques and treatments allows us to lead animals towards physical and mental balance and remove all blockages in their energy field. One of the oldest and best known complementary medicines to cleanse and harmonize the aura and the chakra system is REIKI - with which everything started for me more than 20 years ago...

In this 6-month course I share with you my energy-healing experience of the last 20 years. I will show you how to connect with your pets in order to receive information regarding their health condition on a physical, mental and emotional level. Perceiving and clearing blockages, balancing over/under energies and using sounds and frequencies to harmonize the body are just some of the exciting topics of this course. We dive into the fascinating world of crystals and their healing effects on body and mind, and practice hand placements and massage techniques to stimulate the meridians.


Each of the 12 course units is supplied with a detailed manual and training videos. And as "practice makes perfect", I will keep you busy with practice sheets and interim tests. All group sessions will be held live via Zoom (90min.) and the recordings are made available for you to repeat and refresh the content as needed or required.


Of course I will also be here for you outside the group sessions to support you with advice in order to let this journey become a successful and unforgettable experience for you.


I am looking forward to welcoming you on board and guiding you through this adventure!

Your course instructor:


I am Karin, 51 years old and live in Vienna, Austria. For 12 years I have been working as telepathic Animal Communicator, certified coach for cats and dogs and energy practitioner / Reiki healer for humans & animals. 


Already in my early childhood I felt this deep connection to animals. I could feel and understand them and perceive their needs. For me, it was the most natural thing in the world – and today I know that indeed it is.


My caring heart and great love for the animal realm inspired me in 2003 to become a Reiki healer for animals and get certified as an Animal Communicator and energy practitioner, as well as a holistic coach for cats and dogs. Ever since then, I have been offering healing and support to humans and pets and help pet owners gain a richer connection to their fur babies and a deeper understanding of their needs and desires.

July 14, 2024

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September 8, 2024

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November 3, 2024

November 17, 2024

December 1, 2024

December 15, 2024


  • 12 course units via Zoom (90min., incl. recording)
  • detailed course manuals
  • training videos
  • work sheets
  • intermediate tests
  • final exam
  • private Facebook group
  • Certificate

PRICE: EUR 1.280,-

Payment plans possible as follows:

  • 6 x EUR 250,- / month (1.500,-)
  • 4 x EUR 350,- / month (1.400,-)

 Karin Bruère

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