heart-2-heart session

One-On-One Sessions from Heart to Heart:

In my Heart-to-Heart session, I'm providing a safe space for you where you can feel absolutely held and understood.


You can choose from my below mentioned offers either ahead of our meeting, or we start the session with me tuning in to you to find out which treatment would serve you the most in your current situation.




  • Angel/Oracle Card Reading:
    revealing your gifts and talents, as well as your challenges and blockages; gaining clarity about your soul purpose and guidance for your next steps
  • Shamanic Drum Journey:
    connecting with your Power Animal; travelling to the Upper World & Lower World; Reclaiming your Power; Past Life Regression; Shapeshifting
  • Guided Meditation:
    Inner Child Healing, Ho'oponopono (forgiveness ritual), Earth & Ground, Waterfall Cleansing, Letting Go & Surrender, Activation of your Clair Senses
  • Reiki-Crystal-Energy Session:
    body scan, clearing blockages, re-balancing your 4-body system, activating your self-healing powers (in person only)


60 min. Session - EUR 80,00

90 min. Session - EUR 120,00


All sessions (except Reiki-Crystal-Energy) in person or via Zoom (incl. recording). Sessions held in German or English.


I'm looking forward to connecting with you ❣️

 Karin Bruère

+43 (0)660 230 8080