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How it all began…

Already as a young girl I learned to immerse myself into the world of my subconsciousness: due to recurring panic attacks I was taught the technique of autogenic training. Even though I didn‘t understand it at that time, the cornerstone was laid for my future fascination in the power of our subconscious mind. In my early 20s, I started to study the techniques of meditation, affirmations and visualizations and integrated them into my everyday life.



At about the same time, my journey with the Angels began: with a book I found in my mother's library, I (re-)discovered these wonderful beings again and immediately felt love and a strong connection to them. During my Reiki initiation in 2003 my bond was deepened even more and my passion – especially for the Archangels – was ignited. Through Angel cards I started to strengthen my interaction with them and welcomed their support and guidance into my life.



My great love for animals motivated me to become certified as an animal communicator and energetic practitioner, as well as an animal coach for cats and dogs, and henceforth help pet owners seeking assistance and guidance. Especially through the work as animal coach, I came back to the perils of our subconscious mind and I recognised the potential that is provided to us through visualisations and affirmations.


What can you expect from me...

I would like to share with you my experiences and support you in discovering this wonderful potential, which is available to all of us, and help you integrate this into your life. Most important for me, is to do this with an open and loving heart and to insightfully and empathically respond to your needs. Your trust and well-being is my highest priority. In regards to animal-human relationships, it is my desire to create and support a mutual understanding between pet owner and animal, and lead both into a harmonious life.




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Karin Bruère (née Novotny)

June 27, 1972

Vienna, Austria

High School Certificate, 1991

Export clerk


English, French

music, sports, animals, photography

"A day without laughter is a day wasted"



After four intense years of training with Kyle Gray I am proud to be registered as "Certified Practitioner" on his Website since 2019:

Karin Bruère — Kyle Gray


In 2019 and 2020 I supported Kyle during his 2-day events in London and Hamburg. 2021 and 2022  I was also working as Mentor Teacher in his online program "Angel Card Mastery".


Kyle Gray is an international Angel Expert, Hay House author of eight books and creator of five oracle decks.


 Karin Bruère

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