Animal Communication


During Animal Communication, I serve as mediator between animals and their humans. By telepathically connecting to the animal, I gain insights about its state and needs. I share the needs of the animal to help it be understood more clearly. My goal is to achieve a harmonious and healthy relationship between the animal and their human.



Animal Communication                                                € 80,-

incl. protocol

Animal Communication                                               € 100,-

incl. protocol and "energy circle" 

Reiki / Energetic Treatments


Aura cleansing and balancing of our chakra system are wonderful Treatments to regain physical and emotional well-being, as well as to clear blockages from our energy field. One of the oldest and most well-known methods for this is Reiki. It uses the Universal Life Force (Prana or Chi) which supports harmonising our energy system as well as activating our self-healing powers.



Session of 30 min.                                                         € 40,-

Session of 60 min.                                                         € 80,-

Session of 90 min.                                                       € 120,-

 Karin Bruère

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