Animal Communication means to telepathically perceive the thoughts, emotions and intentions of an animal - even with physical seperation and large distances.

(greek tēle = distant, páthos = feel-> “distant feeling“)

For our four-legged companions and feathered friends, telepathy is a completely natural communication tool. In the wild, it is essential for their survival because it enables them to communicate to each other within a social group (e.g. pack, herd, school) at ranges greater than their normal senses (hence the sensory communication).


We also have the capacity to use this "gift" of telepathic communication, even if it's not as well developed for us as it is for animals. Children can more easily connect with animals because they still naturally commune with their intuition. 



My work:

My caring heart and genuine love for animals inspired me to deepen this ability again and offer my skills to people who seek a richer connection to their pets.

I am here to answer your questions about your pet in order to improve your understanding of each other. Animal Communication also helps to get to the bottom of disagreeable habits, such as constant barking or spraying. I will support you in seeing what your pet is reflecting to you because they also serve us as a beautiful mirror to our life.
And when the time has come for your pet to cross the rainbow-bridge, I am here for you to support you in understanding your fur-angel's last needs and desires.


Let me help you to understand your pet. It can already read you like an open book - now it's time that you can read it.

 Karin Bruère

+43 (0)660 230 8080