Angel Card Readings


Angel/Oracle Cards are an insightful tool for receiving clear answers in our questions of life, and support and guidance on our path. With a variety of different decks and spreads, I can respond to the needs and situations of the client. During a session I provide a safe space in which the client can open up to the healing and gentle energy of the Angels.

Reiki / Energetic Treatments


Aura cleansing and balancing of our chakra system are wonderful Treatments to regain physical and emotional well-being, as well as to clear blockages from our energy field. One of the oldest and most well-known methods for this is Reiki. It uses the Universal Life Force (Prana or Chi) which supports harmonising our energy system as well as activating our self-healing powers.


Animal Communication


During Animal Communications I serve as mediator between animals and their owners. By telepathically connecting to the animal and tuning into my spiritual senses, I gain insights about its state and needs and can support my client by giving them the clarity and understanding needed by the animal. My goal is to achieve a harmonious and healthy relationship between the animal and their owner(s).


Shamanic Rituals


Shamanic rituals such as smudging and drumming are amazing ways to help balancing our energy field and re-connecting to our natural life force. The healing sound of the Shamanic Drum raises our vibrational frequency and removes energy blockages on both physical and emotional levels. Smudging with sacred herbs and/or plants is a wonderful tool to cleanse our aura and the spaces around us.